IPsec VPN Between 2 x H820 Routers

In this example we are using 2 x Proroute H820 routers.  One of them will act as the VPN server and will use a Fixed IP SIM card so it can be contacted over the Internet, whilst the second H820 router will use a standard (non fixed IP) SIM card and will be the VPN client and connect to the VPN server.

The first thing you need to ensure is that the VPN server and VPN client are on different subnets.

In this example the VPN server is using 192.168.8.x and the client is using 192.168.2.x

VPN Server Settings

Once you have configured your router mobile settings and confirm that you can connect to the routers WAN internet address from the Internet then you are ready to configure your VPN – go to Services > VPN and IP Sec and just edit the example rule you see – in the picture below we show you our recommended settings with descriptions against the fields that we changed.

H820 IPSEC VPN Server Settings

Once you have made your changes then save and apply

Now you are ready to configure the second H820 router which will be the CLIENT – you can see the settings in the picture below

Again – save and Apply once you have made your changes.

The VPN will connect and you will be able to communicate from the server to the client and client to server, however at this stage you will only be able to see the remote router admin page.

You will need to enable a firewall rule in order for computers on the Server LAN to communicate with devices on the CLIENT LAN – simply go to firewall rules and enable the top rule, save and apply.  You will now be able to fully communicate between the two LAN’s.

H820 firewall rule for VPN

And that is your VPN configured for Site to Site VPN