Thank you for purchasing the H820 WRT router.

Below is a quick video tutorial showing the basic of configuring the most common features including:-

  • Configure APN settings
  • Port forwarding
  • Ping Reboot / Cell ICMP Check
  • Change web user interface user name and password
  • Configure remote access

The first thing to do is insert your SIM card – you can see below a picture of the SIM card orientation and then a video that shows you the SIM card being pressed all the way in and clicking into place.  If you turn up the volume on your PC you will hear the SIM card click into place.  To remove the SIM press down and it will pop out.

Below is the video showing the basic configuration for the H820 WRT 3G/4G Router

This should get you up and running.

If your router does not connect to the 3G/4G network then please contact your SIM card provider to ensure that you are using the correct APN settings for your SIM card.  APN settings can be different for contract and PAYG SIM cards and also different for Fixed IP SIM Cards.

If you are using port forwarding then please ensure that you can access your router over the internet – ideally using a Fixed IP SIM card because standard SIM cards obtained directly from the mobile networks will usually use carrier grade NAT (CGNAT) which will mean that your connection has a private IP address and you will not be able to remotely access your router and therefore port forwarding will not work.


H820 LED Indicators

SYS : Steady Flashing (every second) indicates system OKAY

Cell : ON means router connected to Cellular Network

SIGNAL : blue light flashing indicates signal strength


Problem Solving

Router won’t connect to the Internet

The most common reason that the H820 router does not connect to the 3G/4G network is because of a missing or incorrect APN setting.  Please check your exact APN setting, user name and password from your SIM card provider and ensure this is correctly entered in the MOBILE settings page.

The second most common reason is that there is no mobile network signal for your chosen network, to test this move the router to a different location where there is a known signal and test again.

The third most common reason is that the Cell antennas are not connected or the SIM card was inserted without powering off the router, or the SIM card was not inserted correctly – remember push the SIM all the way in and release and you will hear it click into place – to remove sim, push in and it will pop out – maybe try pushing in and popping out a few times so you know that it is clicked into place.

If you still cant get the router to connect to the internet you will need to take screen shots of your main status page and APN settings page and email them to support [at] and they can assist further.